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I no longer have a reason to believe something will return between us.
I stand here waiting, day to day, for something to prove me wrong,
But no matter what I say, or do, it's never going to happen.
Life's truest deceit is hope in love's return when there's no love to be found today.
The pain it causes only continues to spread, until it shatters my soul, the dust blown into the wind.
I continue to try, time and again, to pick myself up and move forward, but to what avail?
It's the same song and dance in everything that I try.
There is no love in this world. Or at least, no love that is true.
Only the selfishness, greed, and lust of humanity towards one another.
And when you think you finally find some hope for the truth, it's gone in a flash,
Thus returning you to what you once knew, which is that love is a game today, not a promise.
So in the end, I solemnly say, I am only made of pain, and it's forever stronger than your love.
I am eternally dead and destroyed, like that of the withe
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 0
Demon Story OC's by AlphaDog1996 Demon Story OC's :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 2 1 Deviantart Sweet 16 Mosaic by AlphaDog1996 Deviantart Sweet 16 Mosaic :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 0
This punishment is mine, and it's very well deserved
It comes with the price of the torture I've given
To reap what you sow is what I have said
Well I should say this punishment proves unforgivin'
I've hurt, I've lied, I've cheated, I've shattered
The hearts of so many, the lives of them all
I have changed so many people, too many for the worse
All for personal satisfaction, no matter how small
I often say that love is dead in this world
But truth be told I think it's dead in me
To see others so happy with the ones they love
And to realize how I strive for that kind of free
This punishment of mine is karma at its best
To give love, not receive it, unlike I had before
It kills me inside to realize this truth, 
But I should've realized it coming before I opened this door
And it's time in my life to realize the truth
My punishment is here, and I have to understand
The truth of the matter, the painful truth, that is:
My punishment given, is, to me, love is banned. 
Understand tha
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 0 1
Luna and Arlia OCs by AlphaDog1996 Luna and Arlia OCs :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 8
Mature content
Demon Story (Prologue) :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 0 15
The Pain of Loss
It’s been a long time since I heard your sweet voice,
So soft, so caring, so gentle and warm,
Your gentle caress helped soothe me so much,
Your love and compassion helped bring me true form.
I close my eyes as you walk towards the gate,
You looked back at me, with a smile so wide,
Before you crossed over, you held me once more,
You promised to meet me on the other side.
I open my eyes, tears pouring like rain,
I cry and I hurt as I know that you’ve gone
I don’t know how to handle this gut-wrenching feeling
Or how to finish our sweet, loving song.
But something remains inside of my heart,
A warm, tender feeling with sweet, gentle love,
It whispers with affection much like that of your own,
In the voice of purity like that of a dove.
It says, “Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t wish me to stay
For in this world we are meant to remain
In the hands of the Lord we rest for forever,
No more sadness, hatred, or upsetting pain.
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 4 2
My Value
I see my value,
I see my worth,
They’re non-existent,
Been gone since birth.
Vain, useless, tossed aside,
Feelings that are always there,
No one to help, no one to listen,
No one to prove they really care.
This is my life,
An empty shell,
Lifeless, hollow,
A living hell.
All I seek
Is love and light,
But it never comes,
Never any delight.
My smile is fake,
My joy is a lie,
I’ll hide the pain,
‘till the day I die.
They say they care,
But not with heart.
They speak in pity,
For they think they’re smart.
I see their lies,
Their obvious deceit,
They’re not true friends,
For my trust they eat.
My heart is shattered,
My value hurled,
Gone, erased,
Forever, from this world.
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 3 5
Friendship Sketch by AlphaDog1996 Friendship Sketch :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 3 0 Sonic Generations by AlphaDog1996 Sonic Generations :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 0 0 My Waifu, Ethel from Fairy Fencer F by AlphaDog1996 My Waifu, Ethel from Fairy Fencer F :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 4 7 Valentines Day Rose by AlphaDog1996 Valentines Day Rose :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 2
Love is Fading
Love is fading, dying painfully slow,
Like a blood-red rose planted in the pure, white snow,
With each petal falling, crippling away,
The color fading to the dullest of gray.
With each petal that falls, another victim is made,
Victims of love whose hearts have decade,
Yet no matter how much it happens, they never will learn,
Maybe all of man-kind is destined to burn.
When the final petal falls, maybe then they'll understand,
The fate that lies for those who don't see the hand,
That mislead their foolish hearts into what they believe,
Could really become from the love they achieve.
Love is fading, dying painfully slow,
With each blood-red petal crippling below,
Each petal that falls shows many hearts gone,
To the alluring power of the sirens' song.
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 11
Upon This Twilight of Ending Day
Upon this twilight of ending day,
Blood will pour as we shall say,
With piercing screams that fill the night,
Upon the demon's in delight,
"Let this night bring darkness true,
As nightmares revive, both old and new",
And curses rise from in their grave,
And monsters return with blood they crave,
And innocent, both old and young,
When facing fears, to hope, they clung,
Before the nightmares take control,
And reap their body, mind, and soul,
This night shall reign, forever high,
As mortal beings say goodbye,
As daytime ends with the last of light,
And this twilight hour becomes eternal night. 
:iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 0 2
Just me. Nothing special. by AlphaDog1996 Just me. Nothing special. :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 0 0 Mineko Waifu Sketch by AlphaDog1996 Mineko Waifu Sketch :iconalphadog1996:AlphaDog1996 1 0




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